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Here name is Beyonce , she is 30  years old and she lives in a residence named paradise this residence is in New York.

This story happened on  25th December 1997 it’s  Chrismas day, Beyonce invited her neighbor to her home to celebrate Chrismas becaus he’s say to Beyonce hes alone for  Chrismas .

Beyonce was getting dressed, she heard a noise and went down the stairs. She saw her neighbor stealing an object so she took her gun and killed him we thought she killing him because the neighbor was stealing a object wich inpliced her in a past crime scene so she dosen’t want to go on prison his only one solution thus was to kill him. By the look on her face we can see that she is angry In the room we see that there is a Christmas tree with presents, and there is a fireplace on the top of the fireplace there is a painting. The neighbor weairing a white shirt and beyonce weairing a red dress


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